My first full piece

When I was laid off from my job in February 2016, I suddenly found myself with oodles of free time. Granted, I was sending out at least 10 resumes a day, and looking for more jobs to apply for. But I still had all this free time where I wasn’t going to work or commuting to work or leaving the apartment.

The Christmas before, my mom had gotten me a set of Prismacolor Colored Pencils. I’d tried them out here and there, but I never really set myself to learning how to use them. With all of my free time, I decided to teach myself. I looked up dozens of videos on how to draw and set myself to learning by practicing for 8-10 hours a day.

The most helpful video was this one by Luisina Juliete. I highly recommend watching it if you’re trying to learn how to use colored pencils. Her use of a palette is the biggest reason I was able to get these colors. 

I always draw upside down and super super slowly. But I’ve heard that art is 1% talent and 99% patience, and I think that’s true.

The point is, sometimes things happen that we believe are going to destroy us. But if we push through, if we look to the other end, if we’re able to visualize that end, we emerge better and stronger than before. I got a new job, one I like even better than my old one, and I found a new love.

Girl with the Diamonds in her Hair