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Well-played January. Onward February.

Well-played January.


And now, onward to February where I will attempt to

  • knit two hats
  • crochet at least one blanket
  • write 15 short pieces
  • finish my short story “Penelope’s Test” for the Muses blog
  • read 6 books
  • workout at least 3 times a week (thank god for audiobooks)
  • go on (and enjoy) a media-blackout vacation
  • not spend money (er, more than necessary)

Work-wise, I’ll be sending three books to press, preparing three more books for production, and figuring out a plan for two more books. Whew.

And in the midst of it all, I’ll continue to fight and stand-up for and donate and contribute to the fight for all our rights.

Stay motivated all, and keep fighting. ❤