Becky is terrible at writing bios so, instead, here’s a list of 10 fun facts about her:

1) She divides her time between Boston and Cape Cod, and can’t ever live away from the ocean. She tried once; it was a disaster.

2) She wrote her first novel at the tender age of 13. It was a monumental fail. Like, 600 pages of fail. But then she wrote another, and another, and another. Nothing like practice, right?

3) She has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil, though experience has taught her that it’s better to ask to draw on other people’s walls than to assume it’s okay. She’s tried nearly everything, but colored-pencils hold a very special place in her heart…and in her wallet.

4) Coffee is a life-force. Seriously.

5) She’d prefer a vegetable platter over a box of candy any day.

6) She once flew a helicopter from Boston to New Hampshire.

7) Spiders are her nemesis.

8) Her pet parrot goes by Carmie or Bug, depending on the day, and graciously learned to imitate the sound of the fire alarm to wake her owner up in the mornings.

9) She once dyed her hair a “temporary” shade of purple. It was supposed to last two weeks, three at most. It lasted three years.

10) She’s still trying to convince her fiancé how wonderful a farm of fainting goats would be. Becky can be found on her blog where she’s still trying to come up with things to write, or on Pinterest and Instagram, where she chronicles her stories, all things pretty, and her latest passion, Project Kindness.


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