Let’s do this 2017: The Calendar System

It’s no secret that I tend to be quite particular about my planners. So, of course, for 2017 I had to design my own.

I’ve put “The Girl on Fire” on the cover, as a reminder to be strong this year.

Front cover of The Planner! (Artwork: “Girl on Fire” by me. Medium: Prismacolor Colored Pencils.)


Here’s a look at the inside. Don’t mind all of my notes and goals. If I don’t write something down, it will invariably and inadvertently get forgotten.

My calendar system!

If you’ve never seen Victoria Schwab’s calendar method before, check it out here.You assign each thing a colored sticker, and then, when you’ve done that thing, you get a sticker. I adore these stickers from Michael’s. They’re tiny enough to fit in my planner and shiny enough that I’ll stay up late working just to earn one.

It’s definitely one of the best motivating systems I’ve ever used. There’s nothing more satisfying than giving yourself a sparkly star at the end of the day for accomplishing something. (And also, nothing more disappointing than not being able to give yourself one because you lazed on the couch watching Fuller House instead…)

Plus, at the end of the month, you can see precisely how consistently you’ve worked to achieve your goals.

And now, as the calendar shows, I’ve got a short story that needs finalizing for the Muses tomorrow, so I should go do that… 🙂


How do you stay motivated to meet your goals?


(p.s. If you want to create your own planner, I recommend using Lulu. It’s easy and super affordable.)


2 thoughts on “Let’s do this 2017: The Calendar System

  1. I love this method. I may have to go and get some stickers and borrow it, because I love to be able to visually see what you are actively doing. Also, your freakin’ art on the front of that journal. *drools*

    I can’t wait for your story! ❤


  2. UM HOLY COW your cover art here is amazing!! And I love this, I really want to try it. I found an app that works in a similar way, where you get a check mark every day for doing each thing, and it’s so satisfying to see all the check marks lining up 🙂


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